Effective Link Wheel Tips Tricks

Here, we are presenting some very useful tips and tricks for creating Link Wheels. Creating a link wheel is a very effective SEO strategy that can be used by anyone to improve the rankings of their sites. Essentially, a link wheel leverages the power of highly ranked Web 2.0 sites to build targeted backlinks back to your sites. This works because certain Web 2.0 properties like Hubpages, Squidoo, WordPress, and others allow you to publish your own content on these sites AND allow you to add your own backlinks to this content as well. Google loves these sites and often times your posted content can rank very well on their own. Getting links to your own site from 5-10 of these types of sites is very powerful and forms the basis of the link wheel strategy.

Avoid closing the link wheel

Google may detect a completely closed link wheel as a link manipulation. An alternative I´m using every now and then is to close the link wheel using a link in the sidebar of the Web 2.0 Spoke (You can utilize an RSS feed here too!). This is particularly significant if you primarily build a small link wheel (below 12 spokes).

Change Design

Always make sure to change and alter the design of your link wheel spokes to get rid of footprints. Also, remember o optimize your spokes for the search engines as good as possible.

Use All Websites

Use both, article directory websites and Web 2.0 sites to build your Linkwheel. So it is a good idea to use articles as Linkwheel spokes and article submissions to promote your Linkwheels even more.

Try to create as large as Link Wheel Bigger is Better

Not only this will get more link juice to your money site, but it will make it harder for Google to detect a closed Link Wheel, this will not only increase the effectiveness of your link wheel, it will also make it much harder for Google to detect your link wheel as what it is! It is also a good idea to randomize almost all factors of your Link Wheel, including the amount of Link Wheel spokes!

Update Link Wheel Regularly

Try to update your Link Wheel on a regular basis! This will easily multiply the power of your link wheel after some time! updating your content once or twice a month should be enough!